Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660

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It’s devices like the Samsung Galaxy Gio that helped Android gain so 
much ground in so little time. They are a better bargain than the
uber-smartphone and find their way into people’s pockets a lot easier.
With that goal in mind, the Galaxy Gio must be an all-round pleaser of a
Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660
They may soon be running out of names for the Galaxy lot. But it will be
when number plates start to fall short that they’ll know they’re in trouble.
Back to the point though. Boy number S5660 is called Gio. He’s a teenager
mischievous and fun, too young for a suit and tie.
It’s a decent offer for the midrange: with a good enough version of Android
(2.2.1 Froyo), good enough screen, a powerful 800MHz processor and a
great connectivity set, ranging from 3G to GPS. There’s little to complain
about, save for the imaging skills perhaps.
Here’s the rest of what the Galaxy Gio has to offer.


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