Apple iPad 2

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The Apple iPad 2 is about to hit European shelves, fresh form a diet
and exercise regime that’s helped it shed weight and build muscle.
Faster, thinner and lighter is an accurate account of what’s been
going on in the year that divides the two editions of Apple’s tablet.

Apple iPad 2 Apple iPad 2 
Apple iPad 2 official photos
Apple is taking it easy with the upgrades as usual – everything is carefully

planned to ensure smooth traffic of new and repeat customers. It’s weirdly
inconsistent with the hype about every new release. Anyway, faster-thinner-lighter
is a fair deal to offer new users without making the original iPad adopters feel duped.

Apple iPad 2 Apple iPad 2
Apple iPad 2 official photos
It’s a sequel from the creators of a blockbuster. The iPad 2 is in no mood
to start a revolution. But evolution should be good enough considering the
original iPad is yet to be beaten.


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